Toni S Lee

Toni is a qualified counsellor, criminologist and advocate with extensive experience working in Australia and the United Kingdom.  Toni actively promotes a healthy mind/body philosophy and believes that with knowledge, awareness and self-belief, everyone has the ability to achieve their goals. Toni’s experience has provided her with the ability to work effectively with individuals, particularly youth, who have been identified with complex needs.

Toni is effective in sourcing and developing programs, building networks and working with community and professional groups.

Toni has a sound understanding, knowledge and sensitivity of cultural/ethnic issues and is committed to bringing about real, practical change to the lives of individuals.  Toni’s approach to counselling encompasses a person-centred, solution-focused and strength-based modality, with a specialist focus on trauma and forensic counselling.

Toni is also an identical twin.

Toni is a registered member of Psychotherapy & Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA Registration No. 22426) .